SODA DRINK water and beverage dispensers.

are state-of-the-art devices setting new standards in the market worldwide. It delivers crystal clear, fresh and healthy water and beverages with or without gas to hospital, office staff and customers in the office, hotel, restaurant, party house, café or bar. Often installed in canteens and production halls. Supplied with tap water, which undergoes multi-stage filtration and can then be cooled, carbonated and mixed with concentrated fruit juice or concentrate.


20 to 300 litres/hour of filtered water as:

  • cold
  • carbonated
  • carbonated beverages
  • non-carbonated beverages

Profitability of distributors:

  • Selling purified water from SODA  dispensers dramatically increases the profitability of your business with no purchase orders or bottled water delivery bills
  • you always sell fresh water or drink
  • the minimum cost of producing water from SODA  dispensers is equal to the price of tap water, the cost of beverages is 50% lower
  • you do not occupy storage and refrigeration space – the cost of purchasing the device pays for itself within 2-4 months, and after that it brings only profits.


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