Ultraviolet water sterilisation systems are specialised equipment designed to destroy bacteria, viruses and algae in drinking water, process water or other fluids without the use of heat or chemicals. UV lamp models are highly effective systems providing an alternative to chlorination and ozonation, in industrial and municipal applications.

Ultraviolet radiation has a germicidal effect on water without altering its physico-chemical properties. The special design of the lamp guarantees a 99.9% reduction in bacteria.
The UV disinfection process involves irradiating water with electromagnetic waves of 253.7 [nm.].

lampy UV

The minimum UV dose is 400 J/m2 at nominal flow rate.  The radiation acts only inside the reaction chamber and leaves no by-products.
The mercury vapour lamp used, with a hard glass housing, is fixed in watertight sockets and shows high resistance to various types of vibration.
The quartz cover reflects 95% of the UV radiation transmitted by the lamp.