Water softening is the process used to remove all calcium and magnesium compounds from water, which are responsible for water hardness.

Hard water is very disadvantageous, as scale precipitated from water during drying, evaporation, heating, cooking or boiling is harmful to appliances that come into contact with water or steam. What’s more, scale deposits are an excellent thermal insulator. This means that when it deposits on heating elements, it forms a permanent thermal insulation, resulting in increased electricity consumption.

Soft water perfectly protects appliances that come into contact with hot water or steam from limescale deposits. It increases efficiency and prolongs the life of appliances. The use of soft water also contributes to a significant reduction in the consumption of detergents used for dishwashing, floor cleaning, sanitation, laundry, etc. In addition, soft water enhances the effect of detergents, so that difficult stains or dirt are no longer a problem.

MIJAR manufactures various types of automatic water softeners . From simple and reliable to more technically advanced microprocessor controlled ones.