DEMINERALISATION – Highest Water Purity

Demineralisation, also known as deionisation or desalination, is the removal of all dissolved mineral salts from water.
After the demineralisation process, only the hydrogen molecules and hydrogen peroxide groups remain, forming water.
Demineralisation can be carried out on ion exchangers (also known as ion exchange resins) or by reverse osmosis.

This process allows the preparation of water which is used in many areas of the economy, including the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries, gastronomy, laboratories and medicine. It is also ideal for use in the electronics and energy industries and wherever the highest water purity is required for equipment to function properly.

The degree of desalination/demineralisation is measured by the electrolytic conductivity of the water, which is expressed in microsiemens [mS/cm] or ppm . Water demineralisation equipment is controlled by measuring the conductivity of the treated water.
We manufacture systems for partial demineralisation as well as for complete demineralisation.