Nawigacja mobilna

Wasserpure water filtration systems are used  in many industries like  breweries, dairies, hospitals, clinics, restaurants and hotels to provide high quality water. Water filtration involves the removal of mechanical, chemical and organic contaminants from the water.

Water from the filter maybe used for technological process or directly drink as cold or sparkling . Pure, fresh water can be used as drinking water for and hospital staff, office, hotel, bar, restaurant, and given in carafes or bottles. Pure, softened water extracts the characteristic flavor and aroma of coffee and gives you excellent tea without the unappetizing sediment on its surface.

Our filters ensure:

  • Removal of all mechanical impurities
  • Protection against corrosion for all metal parts
  • Limescale protection
  • Improving organleptic features of water by removing chloride, organic compounds and other substance affecting water quality and its smell
  • Removal of heavy metal from water
  • Microbiological water protection